club5ive - Wave

A talented artist straight out of Malton. He is a songwriter, rapper and an overall creative. When listening to his music he can be described as a lyrical genius to his audience and someone who has fantastic wordplay. 

Wave describes his music to be melodic and authentic as it speaks and pertains to his life experiences. His lyrics tend to speak to his audiences as he touches on topics people can relate to.  When asked about which one of his songs he would consider his favourite he mentions that he loves all his music, but when considering his favourite it is difficult as it changes with every new release. 

He receives inspiration from a wide variety of places. Wave has been through a lot not only as an artist but as an individual and is able to draw inspiration from everywhere whether it’s his surroundings, the things he has seen, the things he has done, the hardships, his brothers and just the overall journey that he has taken. 

Wave first fell in love with wordplay and storytelling at around the age of 6. He began writing poetry and stories from a very young age. He would fill his notebooks up with stories and poetry during class. Wave realized music was his passion as he got older and noticed his ear for music was just different and the overall feeling he would get when he heard good music. 

As we all go through life we come across many things that may set us back. Wave has faced a various amount of trials along his journey. He mentioned a few which included losing loved ones, not being able to release music due to NCAA regulations and just the financial component to getting music done. Wave is able to handle the pressure that come with all of this by remaining true to himself. 

To list a few accomplishments he has played division one NCAA basketball and has had his music played on a variety of radio stations here in Toronto. 

We can expect a flood coming from Wave this summer in terms of what’s next for him as he gears towards his first project which will be named ‘Catharsis’. 

Wave would like to leave young people with one piece of advice and that is to stay true to who you are, don’t try to be somebody else. Understand that your words may influence someone positively or may have a negative effect so stand behind the things you talk about.