Sheniquah Daley

Sheniquah Daley - club5ive

Sheniquah Daley is a 22-year old from Brampton who is an advocate for visible minorities and youth in Ontario. She ensures that children/youth seeking or receiving care from Children’s Services can openly voice their opinions and concerns. This allows them to make recommendations, undertake reviews, and provide advice to government, facilities, agencies, and other service providers.

HairStory was created specifically to help black youth in Ontario share their experience in various care systems including the Children’s Aid Society, the justice system, education system, Black Youth and Mental Health, LGBTQ Youth, and more. They came together to make recommendations on these systems, programs, and services to make positive changes that will protect visible minority youth. They ensure their rights are known, and have access to these services without barriers, racism, and discrimination.

Sheniquah’s goal is to hopefully end the neglects of black youth in these care systems, educate black youth on their rights, and get connected with black communities. She’s been a part of the Youth Advisory Committee for 2 years now, and is motivated by her own experiences in foster care.

She’s inspired by the youth around her and wants them to know they are not alone, and they voices matter. She’s faced her own mental health issues and hopes to break the cycle within her community. She’s inspired us here at club5ive to do better for our people as well. Eventually she would like to become a Youth Mentor working one-on-one with black children/youth and start her own mentorship programs in schools.

“Life is not so much where you come from, but where you’re heading” she says, and we look forward to see all her hard work pay off for future generations to come.