Nova Supply

Clayson Fletcher is a 21-year-old fashion student and the founder of Nova Supply. He handles everything including designing and drafting each piece, sewing, and manufacturing/shipping their products to customers all over the world. His biggest inspiration comes from cartoons and designers such as Issey Miyake, Jil Sanders, Junya Wantanbe, and Helmut Lang.

In middle school Clayson enjoyed deconstructing and reconstructing old clothing. He never had clothes that made him feel comfortable nor did they truly express who he was; that is when he decided to make his own. That sensation of comfort and accomplishment overwhelmed him to the point where he looked at his creation and said to himself “I actually did this.” That is when the spark of passion ignited and now Nova Supply in fanning his flame.

One of Clayson’s setbacks along his journey is consumerism. This is because people follow trends and let the masses dictate what they should like. This happens especially in fashion; they do not accept new comers with open arms unless it is a co-sign, or someone with connection. As a result of this, Clayson works relentlessly, and is more critical of his work, so if someone loves the pieces he creates, he lets them know it is purely genuine.

He dedicates a lot of time into what he does and only does his best for every piece. It’s about 90% developing and testing according to him. He could spend months to a year working on a collection that people might take for granted in seconds. He is a perfectionist and likes to go over minor details day and night before approving. A huge highlight for his career has been having a successful Independent Fashion Show that showcased his work.

One piece of advice Clayson would like to share for individuals interested in his craft is don’t ever throw-out your old work, always go back and develop more. Don’t rely on no one. Work smarter not hard, you can always find a better way to do things that works for you.

Clayson is currently working on a collection inspired by one of his family’s favourite movies. We should be hearing more about this soon. This will challenge him to learn new techniques and become a better sewer. He is also working on other projects like directing music videos, styling artists, and overall being a creative director for others work. We look forward to see his work in upcoming months.

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