Milk & Honey Designs

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An Interior decorating service based here in Toronto. They are very passionate about their business as it allows them to express themselves creatively more than anything. Milk and Honey offer their services to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Typically they go visit a client’s space to do a free consultation, and then depending on the extent of decorating that needs to be done they will either go out and shop for pieces or will send a client a list of things to purchase online. Once all the pieces have been purchased they got set up everything which typically takes a day or two at most. 

Milk and Honey have been in business for just over a year now. They began this business because it was something they enjoyed doing themselves. Decorating their personal rooms became a hobby and it was then they decided to pursue it as an actual career path. 

Milk and Honey are keen on making sure their services are affordable for everyone. They believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own space. The majority of their customers are typically students and young adults. There is a great community around York University and around their local church All Nations Full Gospel Church and so, the majority of their clients come from those networks. 

They like to keep everything professional and even if an opportunity does not pan out how they expected, they usually become good friends/ associates moving forward and their clients really appreciate that. 

In the future, they hope to include a website where clients can purchase decor items individually instead of investing in full decorating services (although that will still be offered). Milk and Honey plan to expand their team in the future in order to make all services provided the best service their client can possibly receive.  

Contact Milk and Honey Designs — or on instagram @mxh_designs.