Kwame Awuah

Kwame Awuah - club5ive

Kwame Awuah is a 24 year old professional soccer player from Toronto. He has previously played for the New York City Football Club (NYCFC) in the MLS, and is currently playing for Forge FC in the upcoming inaugural Canadian Premier League (CPL) season. His inspiration to play comes from a lot of things but mostly his family since the age of 4. 

Growing up money and transportation was always an issue because it was an expensive hobby. The registration costs weren’t cheap especially for the better teams, most of them being outside of Toronto. They always found a way though. As a result of the hard work and determination Kwame has won multiple individual and team trophies, and was offered a professional contract and also a full ride to The University of Connecticut.

As a professional soccer player his life has now become training 2-3 hours a day and being under constant monitoring. It’s important to eat well and stay healthy, but also to maintain a good image. Kwame values relationships with family and friends and sometimes finds it difficult to be himself entirely with the public watching. Regardless he plans to continue break barriers and better himself as a person and athlete. He’s expected to start in the inaugural Canadian Premier League season April of this year. 

Some advice he has for kids pursuing a career as an athlete is to not let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goal. Pay attention to small details, communicate questions, and enjoy what you do. It’s important to know that the relationships made along the way are just as important as financial gain so network and don’t burn bridges.