Kishan Mistry

Kishan Mistry

Kishan Mistry is a 22-year-old freelance graphic designer and photographer from Brampton. Currently works for yahoo sports In the social media department as a content creator, the lead Graphic designer of the and photographer. Outside of his day Job at yahoo sports he is a freelance photographer working with clients such as 935themove, Curiocity Toronto, and many more local artists and bands.

Kishan draws inspiration in his work from music, pop culture, and fellow creatives that continue to push the boundaries of creativity and work ethic. The people he surrounds himself with are the hardest working people he knows and continues to learn and use them as motivation. 

When it comes to deciding what your passion is, it is usually difficult to pinpoint the exact moment you knew it was for you. Kishan has always been fascinated with creating things from a very young age. Growing up he wasn’t the most skilled in physical art & design, but had found his calling in the digital sphere of art. In high school he began playing around in photoshop and over the tears he has gotten better and better through self-teaching via online videos and tutorials. In terms of his photography, he picked up a camera after his first year of University and started bringing it to local shows/concerts. Over time his skills have vastly improved and has found himself shooting some of the top converts in Toronto a long with shooting NBA games in Toronto. 

When asked about the kinds of setbacks he has faced a long the way he mentioned — the hardest part of being a creative is developing contacts and a network a long the way. Kishan says “It was very difficult for me to get accreditation for the concerts I wanted to shoot and found myself in a bit of a rut after pursuing my newly discovered passion.” When handling the stress and pressure that comes a long with what Kishan does, he mentioned for the most part he really enjoys his job and rarely finds himself stressing out. However, there are times when there are several projects going on and it is important to keep himself organized. Organization involves time management and he believes it is a very important skill to have to be able to combat being stressed. 

Something you may not know about Kishan is that he hasn’t been doing photography for that long of a time. He believes that he has accomplished a lot over the three and a half years that he’s been pursuing this passion. If you dedicate your passion and craft into anything you pursue in life, he believes anyone can achieve the goals they set out to do. 

Looking back on what Kishan has accomplished, he doesn’t think that he has accomplished anything substantial yet in terms of his career as a photographer and graphic designer. However, working for Adidas on Kyle Lowry’s shoe release was a pretty significant highlight in his career so far. Aside from that, a lot of small victories in the form of shooting big concerts, having athletes and artists repost his photos, and working up the ranks at his job with yahoo sports. 

When asked what he though was next for him he said, “Honestly, I have no clue what the future holds for me at this very moment. My goals for the end of the year include working with more athletes and artists on a personal basis and to continue carving out my own role at yahoo sports as a irreplaceable employee.” 

One piece of advice Kishan would like to give people in general about pursuing their craft is that, it is very important to leave your ego at the door in this profession. He has met many talented and passionate individuals over the past couple of years that have helped him get to the point he is currently at. His biggest piece of advice it to go above and beyond when being handed an opportunity and make friends a long the way. 

Never turn down an opportunity to make a name for yourself. A lot of times people are blessed with certain jobs and chances to showcase their talent, but a lack of motivation holds them back when taking it to the next level. Continue to prove why you are the best person for the job and always track and write down your short term and long term goals. 

Kishan concluded with a message for the readers as he says “Success can be measured in different ways and it is always important to reflect on personal growth. It is important to remember that you will achieve your goals and accomplishments if you continue to push boundaries and stay consistent.”