Kiana is a Toronto based singer and songwriter who’s influenced by her environment and personal thoughts. She got into music and singing as a whole because she’s always had a passion for it. Local creatives have inspired and pushed her into making her passion for music a reality. 

Being able to see people from her own ends doing such great things made Kiana realize that it was very much possible for her to do the same. The inspiration was what lit the fire in her, and a few months later she released her debut single. 

Kiana began putting out music in 2018, and ever since then she has been releasing singles consistently every other month. She is experimenting with different writing styles and different sounds so, her music can be diverse but genuinely her all-around. She has got a sense of dark R&B in her single “Alone”, the acoustic vibes in “Energy” and some sweet sounds in her single “Questions” alongside her recent single “Simplified.”

The music that we see Kiana put out is a reflection of who she was at that moment, where she was travelling or even what she was listening to. Her music constantly changes along with her environment. She is very much inspired by Billie Eilish and feels that she has been a very influential factor in terms of her own sound. She admires how she writes in character, experiments different sounds and looks and just finds it dope that her music has no boundaries.

When asked what its like being an artist Kiana mentioned that it has definitely been an interesting experience. She loves it. Being an artist to her is like living in a different world. She has noticed that the more she got into music, the more her circle changed and her interests. Her closest friends became producers and photographers and that allowed her to sit in the studio sessions writing with her friends rather than going out.

Kiana hasn’t worked with other artists just yet but is certain that in 2019 that she will be doing some collaborations. In terms of producers, Kiana has been able to work with Twin, Neo Tempus, Arham, YNL and 4NERS. There are many sick producers in the city and she would love the chance to work with them all to create some new sounds. 

She learns from everyone she connects with, and when Kiana first started out she admittedly was naive but the more encounters she’s had with people in the industry helped her to navigate her way in the music scene.

On her journey thus far, she feels the most important thing she has learned over the past year is that you attract what you think and your circumstances are a reflection of what you think is good enough for you. Kiana used to doubt herself a lot in the early stages, and question why she wasn’t growing at the speed she wanted but she then realized that it was the doubt in her mind that held her back. 

She wants to let upcoming artists know that trusting your ability and to keep pushing is an essential. The belief that everything will work out if you allow it and that the only person stopping you, is yourself. Do not allow your circumstances define or limit you. 

In terms of what is next for Kiana, she will be releasing her debut EP and first music video this year and plan to do shows outside of Canada this year. We look forward to witnessing her success.