Keren Annor

Keren Annor- club5ive

Keren is a 20-year-old Ghanaian student with a true passion for making music. She studies Sociology and French Studies at Western University where she is also the President of the Black Students Association. She’s a talented pianist, but didn’t always enjoy playing keys growing up. 

Like many children, Keren’s parents enrolled her in extracurriculars from the age of 6. She would play for them, at recitals, for exams, but didn’t really find much enjoyment in it then. It wasn’t until she got older that she began to realize that she had a gift that was given to her from God to use. Playing started to become therapeutic and a form of expression.

Keren is inspired by the people around her. She had the privilege of being surrounded by friends who are hardworking and focused on their craft. This motivates her to push harder on her end. It’s also really rare to see black female pianists so Nina Simone is definitely an inspiration of Keren’s. Nina Simone once said that her responsibility as an artist was “to make people feel on a deep level.” Her quotes, just like her music, speak to Keren’s inner thoughts that tell her she’s not good enough. Her empowering lessons teach her to stay powerful, strong and vocal.

One of Keren’s challenges throughout the years has been self-doubt and obsessing over perfection. She stopped posting videos for a while because there was a constant feeling of not being good enough or over-criticizing small things. This made her lose inspiration for some time. She keeps the spark by including it in her daily routine no matter how busy she is, because it’s important to make time for what you love. These days confidence isn’t much of a struggle when she sees others being touched by her art.

Keren’s been privileged, in her own words, to teach at two music schools, collaborate with artists, and play at community events. Her best advice to young people who are interested in learning a new skill is to stay humble and keep an open mind. Shamelessly promote yourself and your craft, and it’s okay to be technical sometimes. 

This year we can expect Keren to continue mastering her craft, indulge in more musical projects, collaborate with more artists and continue her Youtube channel that she has recently started. In hopes to inspire others to do the same.