Jesse Woon Sam


Jesse Woon Sam, known as Lone, is a designer, creative director, event planner, and producer from Brampton. His brand, Prescribed Shelter aims to highlight the reality of consumer product addiction and influence a generation.

Lone creates all his clothing from scratch — sourcing materials, designs, and sewing. He creates his own marketing campaigns, plans events, styles for performances and photo/video shoots. He loves to create.

He launched and had has first pop-up shop in August 2017, but he’s been sewing and designing since 2014. It took him years to get all his ideas formulated, consistent and coherent.  The logo and brand identity was difficult, but important to capture the vision. Since then he’s accomplished a lot, and is always working on new collections.

A lot of people ask why he chose fashion, but Lone is clear that he didn’t choose it, he’s creating a brand that eventually become more than just clothing. His runway shows sell out and his pop-up shops have been successful, and it’s all been possible through organic marketing.

His next steps are to get into production and have his pieces in other stores, not just his website. He is also collaborating with other artists and brands in 2019. For him, understanding the difference between artist and designer vs. brand owner and director is important because they are separate but must work together.

Staying creative, finding time to try new things, taking chances, and creating a consistent brand identity is what will separate you from struggling artist to wealthy entrepreneur. We look forward to seeing his collections and collaborations in the next couple months.