Devin Moore

Devin Moore - club5ive

Devin Moore is a 24-year-old graphic designer from Chicago, Illinois who knew this would be his passion from high school.

His inspiration comes from his everyday life. When he walks down the street or even takes a late night drive, he admires what he sees and uses it as inspiration for his art.

The amount of time a graphic designer spends on each piece is something Devin feels most people don’t know. It’s what he takes pride in, and although sometimes image may look very simple, the small details that go into making the piece come together takes a lot of thought and time. He says we should all appreciate artists.

We all sometimes find ourselves worried and stressed about how things will turn out. Devin tends to put a lot of pressure on himself when he’s in the process of finishing a design. Most artists are sensitive about their work and he’s no different. The lines or effects have to be perfect before he is able to show anyone even a bit of the piece he’s working on.

Graduating in 2017 has been one of Devin’s greatest accomplishments. This was because he was the first male in his family to graduate from college, not far behind his aunt who was the first in 2012. Where he’s from most people don’t even go to college or even finish in most cases.

Devin wanted to leave readers with two things that he’s learned from life so far — Never stop learning and work on your craft, and do what makes you happy then earn income through it. That’s a path to success. 

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