Chuck - club5ive

Chuck Hertz, known by his stage name “Chuck” finds peace in producing music. Primarily rap/hip hop based, he’s always had a love for electric and video game music which he uses sometimes to create a vibe. 

His music is personable, and reflects what he may be feeling or experiencing at the time. One he is most proud of is Nef the Pharaoh’s ‘Come Pick Me Up.’ The beat is calm and what he’s rapping about is what he feels any real person could relate to.

What really inspires Chuck to keep making music is life. He also gets inspiration from his mom, through her commitment to him and his brothers, along with her work ethic which keeps him mindful of himself and his future. At this stage of his career, still trying to overcome obstacles you realize some things are simply out of your control and you just have to do your best. Rappers will hold on to songs for a long time and when you tell them you want to release it or someone else needs it or wants to buy it, it becomes a problem.

During stressful situations, Chuck just keeps it pushing. Something the average person might not realize is music is entirely opinion-based. It’s subjective so there is no right or wrong. This year he plans on releasing an instrumental album.

He wants to share that what has helped him is following his heart, understanding his situation and working with it. “Keep your head up and ignore distractions, focus on yourself and it’s okay to be a bit selfish in way, because when you die only one person can fit your coffin. Do it your way and enjoy.”

Album below was produced by Chuck