Kiana is a Toronto based singer and songwriter who’s influenced by her environment and personal thoughts. She got into music and singing as a whole because she’s always had a passion for it. Local creatives have inspired and pushed her into making her passion for music a reality.  Being able…

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Chuck - club5ive

Chuck Hertz, known by his stage name “Chuck” finds peace in producing music. Primarily rap/hip hop based, he’s always had a love for electric and video game music which he uses sometimes to create a vibe.  His music is personable, and reflects what he may be feeling or experiencing at…

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Arhinslim - club5ive

Matthew Arhin is a 22-year old artist and creator from Brampton, but was raised in Malton. He is of Ghanaian descent and the youngest of four siblings. Better known by his stage name Arhinslim, he started music during the fall of 2015 after his shortcomings playing soccer. He would record…

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club5ive - Wave

A talented artist straight out of Malton. He is a songwriter, rapper and an overall creative. When listening to his music he can be described as a lyrical genius to his audience and someone who has fantastic wordplay.  Wave describes his music to be melodic and authentic as it speaks…

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SB’s career started when he was younger competing with his siblings. He’d write to beat his older brothers in freestyle battles always try to have the best verse to impress them and their homies. He was introduced to recording in high school, which was when he decided that he would…

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