Arhinslim - club5ive

Matthew Arhin is a 22-year old artist and creator from Brampton, but was raised in Malton. He is of Ghanaian descent and the youngest of four siblings.

Better known by his stage name Arhinslim, he started music during the fall of 2015 after his shortcomings playing soccer. He would record music with his older brother and his friends but never published any content until it became a passion.

To him music is about feeling and the emotions he can invoke with the uses of his voice over beats. Listening should be an experience. One of his favourite songs to date is “1996 Welcome to the Life” because he takes everything his parents has taught him with purpose and puts it back into the world. Being a visual person, when he listens to it he sees colours when his eyes closed.

Arhinslim also has a knack for fashion, which is how his new clothing line Wolfred/WF emerged. One of his main inspirations being Kanye West, he plans on selecting every detail for these originals and building the brand on quality overtime.

He does not only want to be known as a musician and a designer, but as a complete artist. He wishes to grow his knowledge in the fashion field and other media’s. In the beginning, pursuing music was difficult because not everyone was willing to give him a chance. He stated consistent because he knew sooner or later people would begin to see his vision. This proved to be true because Arhinslim continually grows in his artistic abilities and support.

His first performance was August 2017 and it was a really good visual gage of how his music connected with people. Seeing that really touched his heart and motivated him to make his music more emotional and as relatable as he feels these as the most important factors in making music.

We can expect to hear a lot more from Arhinslim this year and we look forward to the pieces he has in store for Wolfred/WF. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to don’t be afraid, never give up, and give yourself all the opportunities you are looking for. Build yourself and your brand, because if you don’t someone else would be in control of your own growth.