About us

Join 5ive. Join The Future.

Our mission at CLUB5IVE is to empower individuals and build a sense of culture in the community. Creating interactive experiences via social media and locally is our goal alongside workshops, community outreach projects, events and much more. The best part is that it starts with you.

With an abundance of talent in Toronto it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Here, our platform accommodates everyone, anywhere. We support all local talent ranging from music, art, culinary, automotive, aesthetics, fashion, and everything in between. If you excel and are passionate about your hobbies we want to hear from you. So how does it work?

Leave self doubt and lack of confidence in 2018. Promote yourself shamelessly and let your work speak for you. Email your talent submissions to support@club5ive.com where one of our associates will love to hear about what you do and arrange promoting your business or skills for you. We encourage you to take advantage of our platform and build networks with other users. It’s the beginning of mutually beneficial relationships between our team, other artists, and current industry titans.

At CLUB5IVE, you are the future.